Physical security

Physical security

Falcon exceptionally delivers the essential security services for our clients. We incorporate a well-equipped and highly trained certified personnel that professionally executes security operations under any conditions. Our team proudly guarantees safety wherever they are requested

Our professional personnel and guards are well trained to protect facilities, assets and people.
High visibility security guards offer a proactive and preventive measures in order to reduce risk in situations of threat and crime.

Our guards offer a wide array of security services including:
  • Low-profile security guards covertly protect assets and provide customer service in the same time.
  • High-profile security guards overtly maximize the deterrent effect
  • Risk mitigation service via a proactive security presence and effective responses

Our security guards are backed up by the latest technological advances so as to maintain the highest security standards in the field. Falcon includes and 24-hour control room that is in contact with all the deployed security guards to ensure rapid response and escalations

We provide close protection and close service for clients facing any kind of threat.

VIP Security are trained be in potential high risk and danger environment. Our intrinsic threat assessment and evaluation by our professionally trained team provides close protection security for all bespoke situations.

Falcon also provides women security personnel for female diplomats or other clients who request female security guards. We rely on a large number of professional female personnel trained to protect public figures and secure facilities. We pay attention to our female clients and look to mitigate any of their worries. Whether you are at risk because of your job, fame, wealth, connections, location or any other detrimental situation, our low-profile team are always ready to deter you from serious threat, risk or harm

Our highly trained professional team is ready for any kind of event you want to set up. Our team is composed of versatile ushers and security professionals. The client’s needs of safety and security are always met.

Falcon is the best choice for hosting and securing your events. We have sufficient expertise to secure public events. We adopt the principle of complementarity in a way that merges our human element with the latest technological advances and equipment. We equip the personnel with walk-through metal detectors, X-ray, fire extinguishers and many others. They excel in planning and implementing evacuation plans in crisis and emergency situations.

At any event where the experience is ought to be ultimately pleasurable, all we care about is preventing risks through cautious crowd management.

Our event security teams are in charge of w wide range of events such as: :
  • VIP /Executive protection
  • Access control
  • Metal detectors and guest security checks
  • Remote monitoring and management of materials and equipment
  • Parking management
  • Emergency interventions and crowd management
  • Usher services
  • Supervision of other employees
  • K9 security

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Falcon provides a full-fledged security coverage. Tailored to your needs, our expertise keep you safe under any circumstances.

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