Officially - Falcon Securing the World Cup Match Egypt VS Chad,

  • 2015-11-17

The Egyptian Football Association have assigned Falcon the responsibility of securing the match between Egypt and Chad in a World Cup in Russia 2018, scheduled by next November 17 at Borg El Arab Stadium,

 Mahmoud Al-Shami, A Board Member of the Council at the Union have held a press conference today at the headquarters to review the details to securing the match with Falcon Management's, in preparation of return the masses to the field,


Falcon Management's have presented during the meeting with the Football Association members a documentary introduction film of the company along with the most prominent events that had secured by Falcon with the great history since have been found by 2006 along with the plan to secure the football games, locally and internationally.


As confirmed all seats will be numbered and Falcon will install the high-end XRAY devices at the stadium to detect metal weapons without manual inspection.


 Mr Gamil Allam, The President of the Football Association have announced to the reporters during his meeting with Falcon Group, that he would discuss to launch a tripartite contract between the Football union, Falcon and sport clubs to secure stadiums return the masses to the field in the upcoming league games.