Falcon Group securing the International Cooking & Taste festival in Egypt at dusit hotel.

  • 2015-12-12

At the largest Cooking & Tasting Festival in the Middle East Falcon Group have secured the event held in Dusit Hotel sponsored by Al-Ahram Foundation.

The festival attended by H.E Dr Jalal Al Saeed the Governor of Cairo ,Mr Osama Haikal , Artiest Isaad Younis along with the famous super star in Arab world the artist Samira Saeed.

Many Counties have participated in the Festival as Scheduled in order to confirm the considerations on the food culture, which is one of the world languages and the main tools for communications between people.

The concert revived by the artist "Rula Zaki along with the folklore band highlighting on greatest Egyptian heritage,

The Artist Amal Fawzi Present the reward to the artist Isaad Younis during the party on her outstanding TV Program Sahebat El Saade, which concluded various nations Culture, before the reward Al-Ahram Foundation have honoured H.E the Ambassadors whom have participated the Festival on, behave of their countries.    

The Interviewers Amr Zaki & Kholoud Nader have presented the event.