The Concierge


In 2015 the group of (Falcon) holding companies launch of its latest services, which is the concierge. Concierge includes a range of programs that are specifically designed for a group of clients to enjoy the world of distinct, exclusive, high-end and unique of advantages and services.

This allows our clients to join the three levels of membership service (concierge), which includes:

Platinum membership
Being one of the members of this program (platinum) you can get a large number of wonderful services that meet your distinctive life-style through Meet & Assist service while traveling to a maximum of three times a year to enjoy the service, you can also contact directly the personal account official “Account Manager” to execute your requests and you can get some free government services as well (such as passport renewal and renewal of driving license ... etc).

Golden Membership
Being one of the members of this program (Golden), you can directly contact an official personal account (Account Manager) to answer your requests in a permanent and immediate manner.

Silver Membership
Silver membership allows your requests to be received and executed them through communication with the «Call Centre», of the company, throughout the day and seven days a week (7/24).

Our services include but are not limited to:
Tourist services, recreational services and governmental services.
Organizing of shopping trips in all countries of the world.
We have specialists in buying unique gifts inside and outside Egypt.
Organizing conferences.

With concierge services you dream and we carry out your dream.