Falcon Blue


The company (Falcon Blue marketing tourism) - specialized in the provision of innovative services in the field of tourism services- is one of (Falcon) Group, which started operations in 2008 by having a team of distinguished youth, perceived the importance of the development and promotion of tourism, domestic and foreign, for our country, therefore they do not spare any effort to help our guests from all tourist groups, and work to meet their needs, as well as earn their trust. Services are ranging from booking of all means of transport all over the world, hotel reservations, booking airline tickets, reception services inside airports, health insurance while traveling Hajj and Umrah.


Booking airline tickets (domestic – International)
The company provides a distinct follow-up service where follow-up official submits all paper work that fulfill client requirements completely and tickets are sent to client by e-mail after collecting of fees by the agreed upon method of payment. Falcon Blue is characterized by providing rates that vary from markets, where we are considered as one of the agents of Lufthansa therefore we able to get the prices that fit the expectations of our valued clients.


Securing baggage service
All (Falcon Blue) tickets include free insurance on luggage in case of delay for more than four hours outside Egypt to be compensated with 100 Euros.
Verification of all travel details are easy before, during or after the flight, while speaking of several languages are already available in eleven different languages. In addition of saving time you can easily send information to third parties by only one click!


Alert of changing flight times
We alert businessmen with regular updates about accidents that could affect their business trip where warnings are sent in advance via e-mail in English to clients.


Short Message Service
Client is informed about the date of the flight, changes and the cancelations of any event at all times, signed by the Blue Falcon and International Commercial Bank.


Hotels booking (local - International)
Blue Falcon is characterized by the provision of quotations for the various seasons of the year that suit all our clients and also books all hotel with various levels based on demands of our clients.
In addition to, we are able to book various restaurants inside Cairo.
We receive requests for sending flowers and gifts from our clients to their families and relatives in Cairo.


Transportation services
Falcon Blue has its own fleet of buses and limousines all over the world where we communicate with our agents abroad to provide the best services that fit our clients.


Issuance and renewal of national ID cards
The company’s representative files the required paperwork by escorting clients to the Civil Record in order to take required photo and we receive and delivery to clients, whether at home, the workplace or the agreed place.



Issuance of visas
We help client to book earliest date available in the embassy and processing the required paperwork through accompanying client by company’s representative to the embassy in the specific date for submission of papers.
Emergency services during traveling include insurance coverage and comprehensive cooperation with major international insurance companies that provide services in best prices.


Reception and assistance
This service we provide to our clients who arrive at Arab Republic of Egypt to help them to conduct their papers inside the airport as quick as possible including their waiting inside the VIP halls.


Issuance and renewal car licenses
By going with the company’s representative to its traffic police station and finalize the proceedings or through issuance of a special power of attorney to finish the paperwork without the need of client. We pursue, receive and delivery of car licenses to clients.

The renewal of driving licenses
The company’s representatives complete the requirements of obtaining driving licenses through the accompanying of clients to traffic police station in order to take photo and the company’s representative complete the procedures as soon as possible and deliver it to a client.

Issuance and renewal of passports
The company’s representative submits client papers to passport authority, but should be received by the client.

Your legal consultant
Dear Client you can obtain all legal consulting through the legal consultant service and to search as well as review all documents prior signing of contracts in addition to completion of all transactions concerning registration office and updates of commercial register.