General Services and Project Management


Falcon group for general services and project management is considered a leader in providing a range of services that ministries and institutions cannot dispense them, as well as social and residential entities, plants and companies that is related to all acts of internal and external cleanness, planting, landscaping, ornamenting, pests control, cleaning of glass surfaces with various heights and necessary maintenance work, emphasizing the organizational form and aesthetic appearance according to international standards and in accordance with the needs of different locations.

Falcon offers integrated cleaning service (green hygiene) for all installations and sites (companies - factories - Hospitals - administrative buildings - hotels - Stores - apartments and villas - the streets and neighborhoods of residential and cities ... etc), using the latest equipment and tools and best skilled labor and the most important raw materials harmless to the environment and in the framework of sophisticated technical supervision that base on the specialized expertise of trained personnel to follow the progress of work.

Falcon provides maintaining and planting of gardens, public squares and private establishments, supplying of domestic and foreign trees and plants it as well as maintaining and follow-up of irrigation surfaces regularly with sustainable modern irrigation networks.

Falcon provides a scientific framework of technical integrated programs of fighting pest, insects and rodents and how to deal with and tackle all forms of damage caused by them, according to scientific plan with help of specialists in this field, equipment and raw materials updated in line with the best practices that ensure putting the problem under the full control by using conforming techniques to simultaneously cope with, ensuring eliminating of crawling insects «cockroaches, ants and fleas», flying insects «flies - mosquitoes» and various rodents «mice - snakes - scorpions».

Falcon provides washing, maintenance and polishing service of all floors and marble walls and ceramic tiles, through technical workers trained to use the equipment and auxiliary materials such as: necessary epoxies and crystal powders that are harmless to environment.

Falcon offers clean glass surfaces services using multiple height scaffolds that operated electrically and hydraulically by qualified workers who receive adequate training, which qualifies them to attain the title of Spiderman in order to ensure the provision of high performance that ensures all professional and safety procedures in this area.