Cash in Transit


Falcon money transferring services is one of leading provider companies that provides transportation and save services of money and valuables movables, feeding and maintenance services of ATM as well as services of money administrating and counting.

Falcon for Money Transfer services is one of the leading companies in money transferring and other related services such as

   Transferring, and saving of money and precious movables.

   ATM services including feeding, maintenance and follow-up.

   Counting and sorting services.

First, Transferring, and saving of money and valuables movables services

For purposes of performing these services the company possesses a large fleet of armored cars against armed attack and inside these cars there are armored cabinets as well as cars are equipped with GPS tracking and camcorders. Further, there are persons inside any car who are equipped with weapons and trained to the highest level in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances and these cars are followed-up by the company's operations room.

Cash is received and delivered through a documentary robust system that has been created for this purpose in addition to delivery and receive of cash is made by people who are trained on it, and owns a high expertise in this field.

The company provides transferring and keeping of money and valuable movables Services through the branches of the company that deployed in the provinces of the Republic (Cairo - Alexandria - Tanta - Assiut - Sharm el Sheikh - Hurghada - Luxor - Port Said – Ismailia).

Second, ATM services for all types of machinery

Falcon offers services of ATM including cash receiving, feeding of machines, preparing of cash drawers related to machines feeding process and initial maintenance by trained technicians who are at the highest level of great experience.

Therefore machines are monitored and faults repair in the shortest possible time through control rooms equipped for this purpose.

Provision of the latest in the ATM services by specialists in this field.

Searching for any differences in cash balances through a specialized department that deals with banks in this area.

Third, cash counting and sorting services

In this area, the company owns the latest counting and sorting machines that meet international standards and operated by trained technicians as well as the maintained by specialized maintenance companies branches who are authorized to do the job. These services are offered to company customers such as banks and different companies.

Fourth, Treasury Services

The company has many treasuries with large spaces that are protected against burglary, fire, armed attack and has been designed and executed these according to international specifications in order to save money until transferring to the customer, sorted or used in feeding the ATM machines.

These treasuries are monitored through the control system at the highest level of cameras and alarms, as well as fitted with equipment for fire extinguishers that are tested fixed on regular intervals.

Fifth, insurance against risk

The risks are covered against robbery - the dangers of footway (risk of transferring funds from cars to the client all through) – riots, global turmoil, terrorism and vandalism - the amounts transferred to the automatic teller machine (ATM) – dishonesty.


All the above insurance policies were concluded and signed with a specialized insurance company to provide the highest degree of insurance customers' funds.