Technical and Security Systems


Falcon security systems designs, implements and maintains of all integrated electronic systems in the field of technical security for facilities and individuals, and rely on a group of engineers who have been trained abroad on the technical equipment produced by international companies represented by our company in Egypt in addition to a number of consultants engineers to make sure that systems offered by the company are up to international standards and specifications.

The company represents a group of international companies in Egypt and the Middle East in the following fields including, for example, but not limited to:

•    Indigo Vision (INDIGO VISION CCTV), FINE, VICON and closed-circuit television of all
     kinds (Fixed mobile - digital - analogue - recording units and all the necessary

•    CEIA products for metal gates, hand-held sets of metal detectors and detection devices
      for packages and liquids.

•    GILARDONI detectors for detecting of bags with X-ray.
•    TISO rotary gates, devices to control entry and anti- knocking devices.
•    ROBOSCAN for detecting explosives and other materials with gamma devices.
•    MODI control devices on passports by using footprint of face, hand and eye.
•    GATEKEEPER detectors for vehicle underneath.
•    KERBER handy devices to detect explosives.
•    FORTEZA theft alarms.

Sectors served by the company:

•    Banks and financial facilities.
•    Government facilities of all kinds.
•    Embassies and diplomatic bodies.
•    Establishments and administrative buildings.
•    Universities, schools, scientific institutes and research centers
•    Airports.
•    Factories and industrial facilities.