Security and Premises Protection


Falcon For Security Services is one of the leading provider of security services, with a broad base of security guards, and human professional cadres, at highest level of competence and training, as we believe that technology no matter how developed; human factor will continue to play a major role in the effectiveness of security systems, for being the user and the operator as well.

Company seeks to provide its services in several areas, including but not limited to:

Premises Protection.
Close Protection.

Lady Guard
Industrial Zone Safety and Security.
Support and Rapid Deployment.
Security Consultations.
Safety Driving Training.
Events Security.
Corporate training courses.
Training on professional and health safety.

Services of The Security Company

Premises Protection
Security personal are selected based on specific criteria after passing a series of tests. Security personal are trained at a high level to qualify them to deal with all types of situations at all times.

Events Security

Falcon Security Services has sufficient expertise to secure the public events where it have concluded the principle of complementarity , Falcon's have depends and integrated the provisional use of the human element combined with the latest technology equipments such as detecting weapons, XRay,extinguishing fires and along with evacuation plans in Crisis and Emergencies Situations.  Moreover Falcon's provide Kanine to detect explosives.

Close Protection
Falcon provides close protection and the close service. The level of service depends on the degree of threat faced by the client. Members of the personal security are highly trained and qualified for all kinds of protection ranging to VIP and high profile protection. As well as Falcon provides women security personnel trained on those tasks.

Lady Guard
Falcon's rely on the large number of professional women to protect the public figures and secure facilities , Falcon's assess the woman privacy and trace the international standard training methods of the security elements Women selection

Industrial Security
1    Training on fire and civil defense works.
2    Action plan for securing and evacuation of facilities.
3    Readiness to train the necessary number of company employees on industrial safety.
4    Provide high-trained security personnel who trained on industrial safety and fire-fighting.
5    Fulfillment of issuing of various industrial security licenses.
6    Provide the necessary technical consultancy in the field of industrial safety.

Support Rapid Deployment
Support service and rapid deployment is considered as one of services that  serving clients in fields of rescue during emergencies and security personal are trained to ensure the safest way to deal with any situation at any time,  and dealing with crisis and threats of armed robbery, where a unit is composed of two cars and four motorcycles to serve each region. Any car includes crew work as follows: Driver, team leader and two security personal.
Operation room works 24 hours and gives Falcon special concern on training of its crew to ensure efficient communication between cars stationed in different areas and the operation room to achieve a maximum response of 15 minutes.

Security Consultations
This service includes interviews preparation, field security studies security plans and its testing, preparation of reports, security and media studies and security analyzing for roads and cities.
Training received by security personnel, for example, but not limited to:
Training of new security personnel on (weapons - first aid - industrial security and fire, preventive security and report writing).
Security personnel are given refresher training courses while working to keep them up with the modern challenges.
Maximize training during preparing Area Department Heads and Area Supervisors.

Corporate Training Courses.
The company firmly believes that specialized training is an essential element to provide protection and security services that enable to quality and individual performance level by fine-tuning the performance of security individuals and improves their experience in their work. Therefore we are offering several courses for security individuals in each company and government bodies and private entities that in need for training of its members on security work of various kinds (security courses for all security levels of security –starting from observer - security site manager - industrial safety courses - VIP protection courses - defensive and safe leadership - risk and crisis management courses – securing facilities courses - work management courses in operation rooms - investigation and suspicion courses ...).

Sectors Served by The Company
We have a large list of clients that the company won their trust and offer them many of security service works, and the guarding of all types of facilities, installations and individuals as well. This comes as a result of our beliefs of the importance of company’s role to protect the lives of individuals, and to secure their property. Protecting and securing facilities including various activities (diplomatic bodies, embassies, hotels, factories, shopping malls, offices, places of tourism and entertainment).